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Transition to TurtleMark

This page initially published April 1, 2015. April fools!

TurtleMark: our new logo

At BottleMark, we broke new ground and created a new market when we started making custom digitally-printed bottle caps. We're really happy with the bottle cap business, but we want to continually push the envelope, and have thus made the hard decision to pivot to a new and more exiting product: custom digitally printed turtles.

We plan to use our expertise in printing on difficult round objects to create a whole new market in on-demand decorated turtles. No one else is doing it, and our research shows that this has huge potential, so we'd be crazy not to pursue it whole-heartedly. Thus, we're making the hard decision to shut down our bottle cap production and focus entirely on branded Chelonii. Just imagine, in less than a week, this could be yours:

(digital mockup)

You can already see our new logo in use above. Stay tuned as we transition the whole website over the next few days!


Q: Will you continue to sell bottle caps?

A: No, our equipment requires significant changes to print on turtles, so we will be unable to continue printing caps. Also, we don't want to distract ourselves from our new market.

Q: Aren't you afraid of losing all your customers?

A: Research shows that 95% of home brewers also have strong interest in turtles. We hope most of our fantastic customers will stick with us through this change.

Q: Can I use the turtles on my beer bottles?

A: No, they're turtles.

Q: Can I supply my own turtles?

A: No, sorry, it's even harder to find turtles that are happy to be printed on than bottle caps. Our turtles will be industry standard, and you'll love them!

Q: Will you also be printing on tortoises?

A: No, that's an entirely different thing. We're laser-focused on turtles.

Q: Will you offer multi-colored turtles?

A: Yes, they'll be some combination of green and yellow.

Q: Does the process hurt the turtles?

A: Absolutely not. We're invested quite a lot of time to make sure the turtles are completely comfortable and protected during the printing and shipping process. You should see the box of cute little turtle face masks we just got in.

Q: Will you ship internationally?

A: Sure, but transporting animals will require us to learn a whole new set of rules, so we'll be adding countries as we sort out the technicalities.

Q: What is the minimum order?

A: Just like for bottle caps, you can order just one turtle. But we think you'd be crazy to order just one!

Q: I'd really like a custom printed koala; can you do that?

A: No, sorry. Have you ever tried to get a koala to sit still inside a printer? It's a nightmare.

Q: Can breweries use your new turtles?

A: Of course! Our turtles will be great for all manner of promotional uses. Be the first in your city to have a turtle mascot—with your logo printed on the shell!

Q: Are your turtles oxygen-scavenging?

A: Well, sort of. They're turtles, so they do consume oxygen. We recommend you don't use them to remove oxygen from closed containers, though. That would be bad for the turtle.

Q: Sounds great! When do you start?

A: We're rolling out the changes to our website over the next few days, so check back soon!

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